Our Services

LGBC offers some services such as:

  • Visa Service: LGBC Members receive assistance for visa application and special treatment at the Embassy after contacting the LGBC office. 
  • Information on German companies and products.
  • Priority in receiving info on German companies looking for local partners and agents for their products and services.
  • Invitation to seminars which are held in cooperation with other institutions from Lebanon and abroad (mainly Germany )
  • Sponsoring events related to German -Lebanese issues.  
  • The LGBC allows the Lebanese agents of German companies to get to know each other and to cooperate with each other on an individual basis.

  • Legal services to LGBC Members DAVINA UBERLACKER, head of the Legal Department from the Chamber of Engineers in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany. 
  • Phone number: 00491 733 973 205
  • Email address: uebelacker@ingbw.de
  • N.B: Concerning the lawyer's fees will be determined with the Lawyer personally.

    There are special rates for the LGBC subscribers.

  • Johannes Hushahn Notary who can handle and assist all LGBC member doing business in Germany in all legal matters.

  • Phone: 00491 70 933 1102

  • Email address: johannes.hushahn@law-school.de 

  • https://www.notare-juechen.de

  • N.B: Concerning the notary's fees will be determined with the notary personally.

Special discount for the LGBC members.

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